Mountain Top - Music CD Catalog

Fillmore Slim

The Blues Playa's Ball

Carey Bell, Johnny Dyer, Steve Freund,
Mark Hummel, R.J. Mischo, Gary Primich
Paris Slim, Gary Smith, Eddie Taylor
and many more...

Walkin' Blues - 15 Years From Mountain Top Productions

Mark Hummel

Unplugged - Back Porch Music

Mark Hummel w/ Jimmy Rogers, Eddie Taylor,
Luther Tucker and Mississippi Johnny Waters

Mark Hummel's Chicago Blues Party

Fillmore Slim

The Legend of Fillmore Slim

Carey Bell / Lazy Lester / Steve Freund /
Mark Hummel / John Cephas / Phil Wiggins /
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith

Blues Harp Meltdown - Vol. 3

Johnny Dyer w/ Mark Hummel

Rolling Fork Revisited

Fillmore Slim

The Game

Annie Raines / Paul Rishell / Johnny Dyer /
Gary Primich / Mark Hummel / Gary Smith /
RJ Mischo / Paris Slim

Blues Harp Meltdown - Vol. 2

Gary Smith

Blues For Mr. B

RJ Mischo / Gary Smith / Mark Hummel / Billy Branch /
James Harman / Rick Estrin / Kim Wilson

Blues Harp Meltdown - Vol. 1

Mark Hummel

Harmonica Party

RJ Mischo

West Wind Blowin'

Clarence "Guitar" Sims

Born To Sing The Blues

Gary Smith/Paris Slim/
Johnny Ace/Big Walter Shufflesworth

Mountain Top West Coast Blues Session - Volume 1

Paris Slim

Bleedin' Heart

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