Fillmore Slim - The Legend of Fillmore Slim

Tracks & Notes
Fillmore Slim is a true survivor. He's still sharp, still clean, still pretty and he's still singing his ass off!!! Listen as he tells his unique story. From the sage advice of 'Little Brother' to Fillmore's poignant tale of real friendship in 'My Friend Blue'... From the universal truth of 'Nosey Woman', to the joful exuberance of the title cut... It's a story full of hard-earned wisdom and truth... It's a genuine story from the hear of the street.
Track Listings
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1. The Legend of Fillmore Slim 2. Trapped By The Devil
3. Nosey Woman 4. Love For The Third Time
5. Hey Little Brother 6. Watch Yo'Self
7. Jack You Up 8. My Friend Blue
9. Vegetable Man Intro 10. Vegetable Man
11. She Don't Love Me 12. Blues From The Heart
13. Tired of My Old Lady 14. Legend of Fillmore Slim Intro

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