Various Artists - Walkin' Blues - 15 Years from Mountain Top Productions

Tracks & Notes
Over the past fifteen years, Mountain Top Productions has delivered more than a dozen magnificent West Coast Blues CD masterpieces to the world's blues audience. They've also become classy connoiseurs of blues harmonica releases, purveying state-of-the-art recordings that drip with true blues soul. Their Blues Harmonica Videos/DVD's are regarded as the best-in-the-business and blues lovers should shake their hand(s) for giving us a steady stream of Oakland/L.A. Blues legends like Johnny Dyer, Fillmore Slim, Gary Smith, Mark Hummel, Franck Goldwasser, R.J. Mischo, and many others.

- Andy Grigg, Real Blues Magazine

Track Listings
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Disk 1
1. Lowdown Dirty Shame - Carey Bell 2. Scared Of The Child - Gary Smith
3. Seven Nights To Rock - Mark Hummel 4. Forty Days and Forty Nights - Johnny Dyer
5. Minding My Own Business - Fillmore Slim 6. West Winds Are Blowing - RJ Mischo
7. Hey Little Brother - Fillmore Slim 8. Nailed To The Bone - Big Walter Shufflesworth
9. Solid Sender - Paris Slim 10. City Livin' - Mark Hummel
11. Nosey Woman - Fillmore Slim 12. Trouble No More - Johnny Dyer
13. Money Back Guarantee - RJ Mischo 14. Let's Talk About Love - Paris Slim
15. Upside Your Head - Dona McGee 16. Bloodstains On The Wall - Lazy Lester
17. RJ, Get Up! Milk That Cow - RJ Mischo

Disk 2
1. Ain't She Trouble - Gary Primich 2. Broke and Hungry - Cephas & Wiggins
3. Country Boy - Johnny Dyer 4. The Legend of Fillmore Slim - Fillmore Slim
5. About To Lose Your Clown - Gary Smith 6. No Escapin' from the Blues - Paris Slim
7. My Friend Blue - Fillmore Slim 8. Got To Find My Baby - Johnny Dyer
9. Feel Like Shouting - Paris Slim 10. It's My Life, Baby - RJ Mischo
11. Faster Than Time - Fillmore Slim 12. Blues For Mr. B - Gary Smith
13. Can't Judge Nobody - Mark Hummel 14. Red Light - Eddie Taylor
15. Blue and Lonesome - Mark Hummel 16. You're Gonna Need My Help - Rick Estrin
17. Evans Shuffle - Johnny Dyer

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