R.J. Mischo - West Wind Blowin'

Tracks & Notes
On West Wind Blowin', RJ Mischo demonstrates that he is one of the premier harmonica players on the West Coast! Blues and Rhythm Magazine has stated RJ Mischo's "harp playing places him amongst the upper strata of the instruments many practitioners."

This session features performances by the  legendary Steve Freund and Rusty Zinn both of whom are no strangers to backing up some of the finest purveyors of the Blues Harp.

Track Listings
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1. Money Back Guarantee 2. R.J. Getup! Milk That Cow
3. Watch Out 4. What I Got To Have
5. West Winds Are Blowing 6. Bit Off More Than I Can Chew
7. Goat Whiskers 8. Goin' In Your Direction
9. Jelly Selling Woman 10. I Feel So Good
11. Courtin' In A Cadillac 12. Miss Heidi Ho
13. It's My Life, Baby 14. How Much More
15. South City Fog

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