Various Artists - Blues Harp Meltdown

Tracks & Notes
For the past ten years, Mark Hummel has brought together some of the world's finest Blues harmonica players to perform under one roof.  This blistering two disk set was recorded live at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz, California at the Blues Harp Blowout 2000 and includes performances by RJ Mischo, Gary Smith, Mark Hummel, James Harman, Rick Estrin, Kim Wilson and Billy Branch with Junior Watson!
Track Listings
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Disk 1
1. You Messed Up - RJ Mischo 2. Sleepin' In The Ground - RJ Mischo
3. Gary Smith Intro - Mark Hummel 4. You're So Fine - Gary Smith
5. Gary Smith Comments - Gary Smith 6. Elevate Me Mama - Gary Smith
7. Minor Mambo Intro - Gary Smith 8. Minor Mambo - Gary Smith
9. Mark Hummel Intro 10. They Don't Want Me To Rock - Mark Hummel
11. Can't Judge Nobody - Mark Hummel 12. Humblebug - Mark Hummel

Disk 2
1. Billy Branch Intro - Mark Hummel 2. Billy's Boogie
3. Eyesight To The Blind - Billy Branch 4. Blues Keep Following Me Around - Billy Branch
5. James Harman Intro - Mark Hummel 6. Helsinki Laundromat Blues - James Harman
7. Harman's Comments 8. Back Door Rhumba - James Harman
9. Rick Estrin Intro - Mark Hummel 10. Rick Estrin's Comments
11. Your Gonna Need My Help - Rick Estrin 12. Estrin's Rap
13. Work With Me - Rick Estrin 14. Kim Wilson Intro - Mark Hummel
15. Don't Lose Your Eye - Kim Wilson 16. Just A Dream - Kim Wilson

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