Paris Slim - Bleedin' Heart

Tracks & Notes
Blues Access writer, Joseph Jordan writes, "One of the best CD's I've listened to in a year or two, major or independent, comes from long-time Bay Area secret Paris Slim. There's no filler on this 12-song silver platter of power and pain. Slim is a natural, an accomplished vocalist, superb guitarist and splendid songwriter."
Track Listings
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1. Molly's Backyard Blues 2. Too Hot In Here
3. Bleedin' Heart 4. Let's Talk About Love
5. If You Dig Me (Let Me Know) 6. The Day I Met The Boogie Man
7. You Did Me Wrong 8. Hit The Road And Ride
9. Doggin' The Dog 10. The Candle's Burnin' Low
11. No Escapin' From The Blues 12. If You Dig Me (Let Me Know) - "Live" Mix

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