Fillmore Slim - The Game

Tracks & Notes
"The game is to be sold, not told... but I'm gonna give you a free course in it!" So begins the vocalization by the master of the blues game Fillmore Slim. His new CD, The Game, finds Sims in the company of the Bay Area's hottest musicians, splitting the difference between low down blues and gritty funk and singing about the player life with a degree of verisimilitude today's rapper's can only dream of. This band is on cross-genre fire. - Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue. (What the hell is verisimilitude?) This CD is hot!
Track Listings
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1. The Game (Rap Version) 2. Faster Than Me
3. Jody 4. Down For My Crown
5. My First Girlfriend 6. Big Brass Monkey
7. Can't Get Enough 8. Playboy
9. Mackin 10. Downtown Fresno
11. Texas Woman 12. The Game (Blues Version)

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